Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to educate and inspire thousands of people at events across the country. I’d love to share the science and practical skills of resilience with you at your next event to help all those who attend live more positive, purposeful, flourishing lives.

I speak on a variety of topics, including Fostering Resilience in Our Children, Student Resilience and Academic Success, The Science of Happiness, 5 Ways to Live a More Thriving Life, and more. Whether you are interested in a keynote or workshop, I can tailor the content to fit an audience of students, parents, school staff and administrators, employees, or executive management.

Every person deserves to be living, learning and working as the best version of themselves, and we can make that happen together!

Thanks again for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by scheduling a call with me to discuss your needs and see how we may be able to partner together to deliver an amazing event.


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My name is Delvina Miremadi-Baldino and I specialize in fostering resilience in both adults and children. My extensive training in Education and Psychology (Human Development, Educational Leadership and Positive Psychology) places me at the forefront of promoting resilience. I have dedicated my career to being a change agent through education, research, and developing innovative tools to help increase resilience and improve the lives of adolescents and adults.

My expertise stems from my passion for developing and implementing research-based prevention programs that address health-related issues, including mental health, resilience and various everyday wellness needs. I am the creator of the Realize Your Resilience Toolkit – a toolkit for college and university administrators who want to promote resilience across campus. Most recently, I developed and validated a new Resilience Success Assessment (RSA) to measure resilience and achievement - the only resilience measure of its kind.

I am the founder and Chief Resilience Officer of Realize Your Resilience, a company dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations build upon their strengths and foster resilience so they can grow, succeed and thrive. I also currently work as the Director of Research and Program Development at Life Advantages, LLC, where I get to apply over ten years of experience specializing in resilience education and program development. Prior to this, I worked for Children’s Hospital of Boston’s Department of Psychiatry, developing innovative depression and suicide prevention tools and curriculum for the Swensrud Depression Prevention Initiative. I received my Ed.M. from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology. I completed my doctorate in Educational Leadership at Simmons College, focusing my research on academic resilience in higher education. I am a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner (CAPP) and a Certified Coach.

A More Personal Story:

Much of my passion and desire to help others live a more resilient life stems from my personal struggles, growth and triumphs over the years. Growing up, I had difficulty becoming the best version of myself because low self-esteem, low self-efficacy, and undiagnosed depression and anxiety stood in the way. As young as 1st grade, my teachers and family labeled me “overly sensitive” and “socially and emotionally young”. As I grew, I developed my own protective process. Though I appeared to be an athletic, smart, happy young lady who had it all together, I struggled to find a way to know and love myself. I faced any challenge by doubting my abilities and also suffered from an extreme fear of failure. I was my own worst enemy.

Knowing there had to be a better way to go through life, I began exploring self-help books, reached out to friends and family and sought help from wellness professionals. This educational process was eye opening and life- changing. I learned to believe in myself and the strengths I had to offer. I learned coping skills that helped me self-regulate and manage my worries and anxieties. And I learned the power of positive self-talk and developed skills that helped me face adversity in a more rational, optimistic way.

Today, I am the wife of a loving, supportive husband and a mother to four curious, vivacious, resilient little children. The experience of motherhood has added an entirely new dimension to my passion to spread the teachings of resilient living. Not only does my family teach and inspire me each day, but they have ignited a new desire to help other parents understand ways they can nurture resilience skills at home with their families.

Every child deserves to celebrate their strengths and learn healthy ways to cope with the adversity they will inevitably experience during their lifetime.

Through all of these academic and life experiences, I have learned the value and importance of promoting resilience. The research is undeniable, resilience and positive psychology skills can be learned to foster a happier more thriving lifestyle.

Let me be your guide and clear the path as you set your goals and embark on your own unique journey to thrive! I take research-based concepts and transform them into engaging, easily digestible tools and skills that will propel you toward happiness and success!

If you are interested in learning more about me and the variety of services I offer, please visit realizeyourresileince.com, find me on Facebook , follow me on Twitter , connect with me on LinkedIn or connect with me directly at Delvina@DrDelvina.com.

“Dr. Miremadi-Baldino took the time to listen carefully to what our Parent Association’s objectives were for the program and worked with me closely, back and forth, to tailor a program to meet our needs… Not only was she an excellent presenter, but she knew where to aim the talk so that parents would all leave understanding the salient points and excited about the ways in which resilience can be practiced and taught. For that is what is so refreshing and exciting about the work that Dr. Miremadi-Baldino does: she explains that healthy adaptations need to be practiced and learned. Rather than the usual focus on the negative impact of stress, she highlights the amazing ways in which we can each learn to manage challenges and grow our resilience at the same time. This led to a palpable excited buzz in the auditorium, and, by the comments afterwards, it was clear to us that Dr. Miremadi-Baldino had effectively communicated her excitement for her field of expertise and left the parents hungry to learn more about developing resilience both for their daughters, but also for themselves. Thought provoking and practical at the same time! We’d highly recommend Dr. Miremadi-Baldino, and we were immediately interested in getting her booked to speak with the girls themselves and begin to introduce them to the idea of building a resilience toolkit.” -Andrew G. Compaine - Parent, The Winsor School, Boston

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Delvina since 2006. At that time, we collaborated on multiple projects focusing on depression prevention, mental health promotion, and building resilience. I was always inspired by her approach to her work. She approached everything she did with boundless energy, creativity and yet a humility that allowed her to connect to everyone’s circumstances with utmost respect and empathy. Since that time, we continue to be friends and colleagues and I find myself fortunate to know someone who is so talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable in what she does. Delvina’s commitment to the field of resilience is remarkable. I am particularly impressed by her ability to take an abstract concept and design practical, approachable, and successful tools to help students realize their maximum potential and inner strength. Delvina is a gifted researcher and program designer, an engaging speaker and a consummate professional.” -Nadja N. Reilly, Ph.D., clinician, author, and prevention expert

“Dr Delvina Miremadi is smart, talented and someone who gets things done. I have worked with Dr Miremadi on several projects and I have always been impressed with the quality of her work and the relationships she has established with key stakeholders on the project. She is a delight to work with and brings an unusual combination of creativity and intellect to her work.” -Kevin Kruger, Ph.D., President, NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education




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